"A Fruity Awakening" - Episode 1

Opening Scene:

(Camera pans over a cluttered lab, various bubbling beakers and machines whirring. PROFESSOR SHAKY, an elderly scientist with wild white hair and a lab coat hums as he mixes up a new batch of glowing purple formula.)

PROFESSOR SHAKY: Just one more dash of phosphorous and my growth formula will be complete! This will be my greatest invention yet!

(SHAKEY'S monkey assistant BONGO swings overhead on the lamps and ropes. He is clutching a half-eaten banana. He chitters loudly.)

SHAKEY: Quiet Bongo! I'm working!

(BONGO continues swinging wildly. Suddenly he loses grip and falls toward the table, knocking over the beaker of growth formula. It spills onto a nearby basket of fruit, drenching the strawberries, bananas, pineapples and other fruit inside.)

SHAKEY: Oh no, my formula! (He rushes over and watches in amazement as the fruits shake and morph into living creatures with cute faces and limbs. They look around, dazed.)

Professor Shaky and Bongo The Monkey

Professor Shaky and Bongo The Monkey

TUTTI: Whoa...what happened? Where are we?

BANANI: Everything feels...different! Look, I have hands!

NESSI: And feet! We can move!

(The FRUITIZ chatter excitedly, slowly climbing out of the basket and trying out their new abilities.)

SHAKEY: Remarkable! The growth formula actually worked! Hello little ones, don't be afraid.

TUTTI: We're not afraid mister! This is amazing!

SHAKEY: You all must be my Frutiz family now. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you all!

(BONGO looks guilty for causing the mess but also intrigued by the Frutiz.)

SHAKEY: Come now my fruit children, let me show you around your new home!

(The Frutiz follow PROFESSOR SHAKY as he gives them a tour of the lab.)