When a scientist's growth formula mysteriously brings a basket of fruit to life, their zany adventures begin as they embrace their newfound sentience in a bountiful island paradise.

Synopsis: After a potent experimental formula spills on a basket of fruit, they astonishingly spring to life with faces, limbs, voices, and personalities. Names like Tutti, Banani, and Nessi emerge as the "Frutiz" fruits adapt to their new reality under the guidance of Professor Shaky, the formula's eccentric creator.

As the Frutiz explore their lush island home, hilarious antics ensue stemming from their quirky traits and insatiable curiosity. Their zest for life gets them into all kinds of sticky situations and mishaps. But the endearing fruits learn valuable lessons about friendship, responsibility, and embracing their unique gifts.

Together, they transform a quiet cove into a vibrant Frutiz Village, reveling in the magic of everyday moments. Though the outside world may not understand these animated oddballs, so long as they have each other, the Frutiz can face any adventure that comes their way!

Tone: Playful, upbeat, and offbeat. The show revels in the innocent joy and silliness of childhood imagination. Moments of heart add emotional resonance amidst the madcap fruit adventures.

Mood Board: Comparable to animated series like The Minions, The Smurfs, Toy Story, Inside Out, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Characters: Tutti - Bold strawberry leader Banani - Kind, cheerful banana Nessi - Adventurous pineapple Mengi - Shy, sweet mango Professor Shaky - Absent-minded but brilliant scientist creator Bongo - Mischievous monkey assistant

World: Whimsical paradise island setting. Professor Shaky's lab is a hub of eccentric invention where the Frutiz were given life. The Frutiz build their own fruit village community on a beach cove nearby, allowing for both fantastic adventures in the wilds of the island and funny slice-of-life stories.


Episode 1 - Origin Story The Frutiz come to life when Professor Shaky's growth formula spills on them. We're introduced to their personalities as they explore and learn about their new reality.

Episode 2 - Building Frutiz Village The Frutiz decide to build their own fruit village on the beach near Shaky's lab. Hilarity ensues as they try to construct their dream homes.

Episode 3 - Coconut Capers A coconut comes to life after stealing Shaky's formula. The chaotic new member Coco shakes things up, testing the Frutiz's patience.

Episode 4 - Monkeying Around Bongo causes mayhem when Professor Shaky is away. The Frutiz have to catch the mischievous monkey before he destroys the lab!

Episode 5 - Tutti's Daring Adventure Ever-bold Tutti decides to explore a forbidden cave,getting trapped inside. The other Frutiz must band together to save him.

Episode 6 - Banani Starts a Band Peace-loving Banani decides to form a fruit band to lift spirits. Arguments over musical style ensue before they find harmony.

Season Arc: Early episodes focus on introducing the characters and relationships. Mid-season explores them building their village life together. Later episodes feature more adventures exploring the island's mysteries and unknown realms. The season builds to a dramatic cliffhanger finale threatening the Frutiz's island existence.

More Options

Episode 1 - Formula for Disaster Professor Shaky's top-secret growth formula explodes, transforming ordinary fruit into walking, talking Frutiz with minds of their own! Can Shaky handle these fruity troublemakers?

Episode 2 - Fruit Construction Chaos The Frutiz try to build their own banana-nanas on the beach, but Nessi's pineapple treehouse looks more like a pineapple underwater shipwreck when he's finished!